On Thursday night, the President made some claims about people like you and me. We’ll get into what those claims are, but first there is one thing our President said that was exactly right: “Too much of what is happening in our country today is not normal.”

That is correct. But, who brought in the crazy?

Is this blog called Blue State Bantering? No! We are Red State Ramblings. Why? Because in the last decade, millions of people have fled blue states for red. Why is this happening? Did a whole slew of people suddenly realize they are crazy, democracy hating, blindly Trump supporting, angry, loud Republicans?

Are we climate change refugees? (A lie told by the left who would rather attribute the decision to uproot our families to increasing temperatures than bad policy.)

No, no make no mistake. People like me and you have realized progressively more and more that the left is no longer “normal.” They have gone crazy.

You Showed Us Your Crazy and We Can’t Unsee It

Most people, me included, were quite content to leave politics alone before 2020 but that year revealed things we couldn’t unsee. Questions like:

“How will my state handle a national emergency?”

“What are my kids learning in school?”

“Do I have a right to free speech, bodily autonomy and freedom to practice religion?”

These questions had different answers depending on where in this country you lived.

It used to be that we as Americans could agree on the fundamentals. Things like the nuclear family, patriotism, a “moral code”… There were certain foundational truths conservatives and liberals could appeal to when engaging in debate with someone from the other side of the political aisle. Not so anymore. That’s crazy.

We Aren’t the Crazy Ones, Mr. President

Progress is a funny word. What might look like true progress to one, looks like regression to another. The President made the claim that “America must choose to move forward or to move backwards, to build a future or obsess about the past.”

The problem is we do not see things like gender affirming surgery as “progress”, Mr. President. We see it as mutiliation and grooming.

We do not see CRT and the 1619 Project as “progress.” We see them as dangerous lies.

We do not see capitalism as evil. We see it as a gift – one that Marxism, which has overturned every one of our institutions, continually attempts to dismantle.

We do not believe we are the crazy ones, Mr. President.

Thank You for Lying About Us – You’ve Made Us Bolder

Are you a blue state refugee? Did you have to uproot your family so you could work or avoid a shot you didn’t want to take or get your kids out of a school that was trying to sexualize them and turn them into racists? Then, guess what? You’re the one our President is calling crazy! That means you’re normal!

Were you happy about the Supreme Court’s decision on abortion? President Biden thinks that’s because you’re an extremist.

Are you concerned about your right as a parent to teach your children, from your worldview, what to believe about sex and gender? That’s because you’re hateful.

Do you choose not to wear a mask in the grocery store? You’re a murderer.

Don’t believe climate change is America’s greatest threat? Dangerous psycho.

Voted for Trump? (We don’t care if you criticized his character or prayed for God to send another candidate.) If you voted for him you are a Nazi.

What are Chaos, Truth and Light & Shadows of Lies?

The President said about us, “They thrive on chaos. They live, not in the light of truth but in the shadow of lies.”

The truth is, we can’t agree on truth.

And after seeing the riots in this country a couple of years back, I guess we can’t even agree on the nature of chaos.

But as powerful as orange Hitler is, he didn’t cause this confusion. We’ve been seeing things differently for a while now.

Certainly, the President’s speech was intended to intimidate. Don’t let it.

I know you didn’t support January 6th. I know you don’t follow Trump like he’s Jesus. And I know you love our Constitution.

It’s not weird that you didn’t want to get the shot or live in a segregated society where you had to “show your papers” to dine inside a restaurant. It means you know history.

It isn’t hateful of you to pull your kids out of schools with activists trying to indoctrinate them. It means you’re a diligent parent.

If you lost your home, your community, your support system, and even a little bit of your sanity during a big move to a free state…guess what? You need to speak up about it! Because, they’re lying about me and you. They are portraying us as ignorant, bigots who will tear this country apart.

Now is the time to proclaim truth, while we are free to do so.

Truth is Our Friend

Blue state refugees need to stick together, share their story http://redstateramblings.com/why-people-need-to-hear-your-story-and-how-to-share-it-effectively/ and refuse to be afraid of what we heard Thursday night. Making us quiet is what they want so may we keep talking.

Unlike what the President said, violence has never been a tool in our belt. That’s not what our side is known for, Mr. President. Truth is and we are going to share it, like it, read it, speak it, memorize it and teach it to our children, no matter what happens, no matter where we live and no matter what you try to do to make us stop.

Truth is our friend and after what we heard Thursday night, Mr. President, we know you are not.

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