So, you have decided to move from your current state to a new one. Perhaps, you are one of the many thousands of people fleeing the west coast in search of more freedom and opportunity in a red state. Or maybe your job is sending you somewhere new? Or maybe you have decided to take the leap and move near family or friends who have already moved ahead of you? Whatever your case may be, here are a few “tools” I suggest you have in your belt before starting your new adventure. 

Your Why?

Before you start daydreaming about your new home in your new state or yearning for a taste of southern hospitality, you better have a clear idea of what your Why is. Moving will undoubtedly have its highs and lows. In those low moments you will need to remember your Why to keep you centered and on track. The reason you and your family decided to move may be for similar reasons as others that you know, but no two families are exactly the same. Everyone’s reasons and their why will vary slightly. Pray, reflect, and know the reasons that you are willing to uproot your family and start a new life with them somewhere new. Some good questions to ask: Why are we moving? How will moving bless my family? How will moving be hard for my family? Do the benefits of moving outweigh the costs of leaving? What will we miss? What will we gain? Finding Your Why is a crucial tool in a moving starter pack. 

Prayers and Plans 

Pray and then pray some more. Placing your desires and needs before your Heavenly Father is beyond crucial. He is the only One who will sustain you through the exhausting and clunky process of moving.  Keep your prayers continual, but also make a plan. I’m a list maker and my husband is amazing at getting things done, so we make an awesome team, but nonetheless there still needs to be a plan in place. Decisions need to be made. To do lists need to be completed. Once you have decided where you plan to move and why, then it’s time to get into action mode and start making a plan. You can make an awesome spreadsheet ( ). You can type notes in your phone and airdrop them to your spouse.  You can scribble to do lists with flair pens on pretty lined paper. Whatever is your jam, get it all out of your head and in a place you can refer to. Because, whew, moving is hard and exhausting work! Prayer and Plans are crucial tools in your moving starter pack. 

An Awesome Realtor 

We were blessed to have incredible realtors–both in selling our old house and buying our new one. I truly believe that having their support and expertise made a world of difference in helping our move go as smoothly as possible.  Our realtor in Texas immediately made us feel supported even as we hunted for houses while living in an AirBnB. She went above and beyond and made us feel so heard and supported during the whole process. She worked tirelessly to find us a home. She even held and rocked my tired, crying baby so that I could walk through open houses. She was amazing and I still text her to ask questions about our area. She has referred us to our pediatrician and even offered advice on the best spots to go out for a date night. If you are moving to the DFW area, let me know and I will be very happy to pass her info along. If you aren’t sure where to start in finding a realtor, my first advice would be to ask anyone you know who lives in the area you are moving to if they have a personal reference. If you don’t know anyone, you can join Facebook groups for people who are also moving to the state of your choice and request referrals and reviews. If you are looking to move to Idaho or Tennessee, I would suggest asking the other ramblers Erika and Lindsey.  Having an Awesome Realtor is a crucial tool in a moving starter pack. 


I hate to break it to you, but things will go wrong when you move. Keys might get lost. Dogs might run away. Kids will get grumpy. Attitudes will be had. Or in our case, your movers will flake the day of your move and you will have to come up with a plan B in literally a few hours… (My husband is amazing!) Whatever glitch falls into your plans, do your best to take a deep breath, pray, and, if possible, laugh. Moving from one state to another is stressful. It just is. Even with the best plan, things will happen. So, it is best to prepare your heart and mind ahead of time to be flexible. Do your best to roll with the punches. It will benefit you and your family so much if you let any idea of perfection go and just take each day in stride. Flexibility is a crucial tool in a moving starter pack. 

Spirit of Adventure

Moving is stressful, yes, but it can also be a really fun adventure. See how we turned our move into a fun RV road trip with our family of 7:  Finding joy in your new state is one of the most enjoyable aspects of moving. I, personally, have loved playing tourist in our new state. We have enjoyed seeing so many new places and had many fun adventures as a family and we have only been in our new state for a year. We are still trying new restaurants and finding hidden gems in our community. Let moving unlock your sense of wonder as you explore all the things your new state has to offer. Having a Spirit of Adventure is a crucial tool in your moving starter pack. 

Plan for BIG Emotions

You will probably cry. Your kids will probably cry. If they don’t cry, they may act out because things feel different and scary. Your spouse may need additional support and attention. It’s ok to have big emotions… I would even say, prepare for them. Most people don’t go through huge life altering changes in their life, without some fear and sadness. When the big emotions come, find ways to take care of each other. Here are some tips for comforting your family during a move:  You will need to lean on each other in a more intense way, especially at the beginning of a move. There will be moments of excitement and happiness. There will also be moments of grief or feeling overwhelmed. Recognize these emotions, process them if needed, and then look to the Lord for strength and peace. Big emotions will come during crazy times in life, but they should not dictate our attitudes or our actions in a negative way. Planning for BIG Emotions is a crucial tool in your moving starter pack. 

Give Thanks 

Give thanks that you have the opportunity to move! Give thanks for all the new blessings in your new home and state. What a blessing that with God, you have the ability to make the best decisions for you and your family. What a blessing that you can give your family the chance at a better quality of life. God is so good and so faithful. It is humbling to see Him use our measly human choices to guide and direct our lives. I am so thankful for His sovereign control. There are countless things that we can give thanks for, even during stressful times like moving. Keep having a grateful heart as a priority and you will see little blessings every day. Mindset matters and will affect how we handle the tough and crazy times of life, so make sure you are living with a spirit of gratitude. Giving Thanks is a crucial tool in your moving starter pack. 

If you have moved recently or you are planning your big move, what would you add as a crucial tool to have in your moving starter pack? 

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