If you’re looking to ruin the place you recently fled to, I’m positive you can achieve your mission in just five easy steps…

1. Expect it to be a sinless, perfect, magical place where all of your dreams come true. When you find out it isn’t, get fussy and lazy.

In this way, you can give other blue state refugees a terrible reputation by convincing citizens in your new state how much of a jerk you and people like you really are. Bonus points for not actually contributing anything in your new state. There’s nothing like a fussy, lazy attitude to persuade a person that sitting on your butt complaining is the most productive thing you can do.

2. Whatever you do DON’T EVER talk about how things went wrong back in your old state.

When you start to see some of the very same lies infiltrating your new state through woke companies, activist teachers and progressive churches BE QUIET. Roll over and play dead so the same destructive influences that destroyed your old state may have their full effect. You know, it’s very spiritual to remain gentle and quiet if you call yourself a Christian, even if that means allowing evil men to have their way. (Check out my post in The Tennessee Conservative to learn more about making peace with evil: https://tennesseeconservativenews.com/making-peace-with-evil-how-california-went-crazy-op-ed/)

3. Accept the mainstream narrative and teach it to your kids. Don’t worry about passing down actual historical events, like the effects of Communism in places like Germany, Russia and China. Just let Hollywood rewrite history for your little ones and enjoy your nightly Netflix.

History is a really dangerous thing you know, like the Bible. We have to keep it in the hands of the “important people.” They will be the ones to interpret and relay to the common folk what we need to know. (Or maybe they’ll just rewrite it entirely.) Don’t waste your time trying to understand things like tyrants throughout history or how gulags became a thing in Soviet Russia. Just binge watch whatever Hollywood decides to serve you up today. (Here’s a list of some of their very favorite lies: http://redstateramblings.com/hollywood-lies-paradise-lost/) Entertainment, not education is all you really need anyway since you’re just a small, replaceable minion. Also, please don’t pretend to know what a woman is unless you’re a board certified physician. And remember to let the “important people” make your medical decisions for you. You just need to trust the science.

4. Forget.

Wipe from your memory every wicked policy that so negatively affected you and your family you chose to leave friends and loved ones to uproot and move across the country. In this way you will have bought the lies hook, line and sinker just like the left who dominated your old state prayed one day you would. Remember when your son lost his chance at that college scholarship because of the insane lockdowns preventing him from playing his favorite high school sport? Just forget about that. Remember sending your kindergartener to school for months on end with a mask? Doesn’t matter now. Forget about it. Remember when they tried to mandate the vaccine for all school aged kids? Oh never mind, they’re still trying to pass that one. Just forget I mentioned it.

5. Please whatever you do, don’t join forces with likeminded people. By doing so, you could maximize your level of influence in things like elections and that could be very dangerous to your mission.

Remember, you’re just a weak minded idiot. Nobody needs to hear your story. (You can read mine here by the way: https://tennesseeconservativenews.com/tennessee-the-america-we-need/.) Don’t find others who share your same concerns and please for heaven’s sake, don’t get off your couches to “Raise a respectful ruckus!” (in the words of Allie Beth Stuckey). Just shut up and sit down.

It might take some time, but with just a little effort, or rather I mean, none at all, the exact same trouble that fell upon you in your old state is bound to have its way in the new. Lies run deep so just let them fester and stay out of the way. I’m positive you’ll see the very same results you detested in your home town. Good luck!

The truth has power to end every tyranny.

Live Not By Lies, Rod Dreher

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