I have been so encouraged by the number of people we’ve met who moved with friends and family by their sides. It’s truly amazing how many families have decided to move out of California, Illinois, New York and other blue states and how many people were able to corral some friends and family to move with them!

As I write this, dear friends of ours are on their way to Tennessee and soon my kids’ Aunt and Uncle and cousins will be heading here too! Last month another close family from our church landed just 25 minutes from our house. We feel so blessed. Our kids are feeling more secure and our new State is beginning to feel more like home.

While God will be faithful to you even if you aren’t able to move with friends and family, I encourage you to ask around before you pick your place. You never know who is secretly wanting out. On our end, we knew we wanted to move somewhere with likeminded people running the state and local government. While there were many red states we could have chosen, ultimately we ended up in Tennessee because family was willing to come and we had an opportunity to build on friendships we had spent 15 years creating.

You’ll be very surprised once you start asking around how many people are wanting to leave. People are fed up with government overreach. They want to live peaceful lives and, after watching the chaos and destruction caused by the reaction to the pandemic in their blue states, they’re convinced waiting for the next emergency is like becoming a sitting duck for the next tyrant to hunt.

If you have to go somewhere, consider this. Our country is big and there are lots of places you could live. While no one can argue that genuine friendship outlasts space and time (check out my girl Michelle’s post here for more on that wonderful truth http://redstateramblings.com/3-reflections-from-my-visit-back-to-the-golden-state/) there is a special security that comes from doing life with people who really know you. Shame on California for putting so many people in the position where they feel forced into leaving that kind of support. If you have left or you are leaving without your people, don’t worry. God will use every bit for your good. But, if you have an opportunity to go with family and friends you really love and trust, do it! You will not regret it one bit, but you might regret choosing not to.

Remember, life is really short. One of my very favorite quotes: “Love God and do whatever you please” Saint Augustine. Don’t let the opinions of other people control you. (For other dumb reasons not to move check out my post here: http://redstateramblings.com/3-dumb-reasons-not-to-move/). Do what you believe is best for your family. God’s plan is unstoppable. He’ll be with you and bless you all the way.

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