On Red State Ramblings, we try very hard to prove the dramatic difference in worldviews amongst our country’s leaders. We’ve shown how the consequences of ideas manifest themselves in the lives of very normal folk like you and I. (Check out my post here for more on conflicting worldviews: http://redstateramblings.com/conflicting-visions-thomas-sowell-saw-it-coming/.)

As a lifelong learner, I’ve tried to keep a fair view of the concerns many progressives have. I’ve really tried to understand their perspective and, on many issues, I do. But, when it comes to the left’s handling of children, especially over the last several years, I have found myself less capable of understanding and increasingly aware of my Christian duty to protect children from the outright dangerous lies the left is hand feeding Americans every single day. These lies are spread through “educational” materials that groom young children for abuse, Hollywood filth, colleges and universities, and certifications for almost any kind of job you can imagine. (Check out my post here for more on lies my old State is really good at spreading: http://redstateramblings.com/hollywood-lies-paradise-lost/.)

Only the Crazy Get to Talk in California

Dangerous lies have spread at a rapid pace in California because the consequences of speaking up are real. People want to work, so they sit through nonsensical personal pronoun training. They want to get their degree so they remain silent when their college professor verbally abuses their faith. Christians want to adopt kids so they agree to the insanity that is asked of them to foster a child in California.

In California, it’s not enough to be skilled in your work. You must agree or at least say you agree with the woke politicians running the State.

In California, it’s not enough to learn the subject matter of your college classes. You must agree or say you agree with your professors.

In California, it’s not enough to open up your home to a child who needs you. You must agree or say you agree with any idea the State decides is good for kids (even if every parent knows it isn’t).

The sad thing is, I’m not just guessing this is the case as I look at the differences between my old and new states. I know this to be true because we have experienced it firsthand.

Here are three methods California uses to certify the crazy (or anyone willing to pretend to be).

Using Higher Education to Shame Christians and Conservatives

Young and curious, I signed up for psychology classes at California State University, Sacramento back in 2003. I thought I would walk out of college with a wealth of knowledge as to why people behave the way they do. Instead, I learned that higher education wasn’t so concerned about teaching me something new. They were obsessed with deconstructing all I had been taught before.

In one of my core classes, the largest class I had, I remember our professor walking in while Fox News was playing on the classroom tv. Her tall, blonde presence commanded the attention of the room. Barely glancing at the tv as if she would catch a dangerous disease looking directly at it, she said very loudly, “We don’t want to watch that.” I wondered to myself, “Why? Isn’t CNN just as biased as Fox?” With one boldly spoken sentence she convinced a bunch of eighteen year olds that educated people do not lean right.

This same professor also made extremely denigrating comments about Christianity. At one point she told us that “anyone who believes they are speaking to Jesus Christ belongs in a mental institution.” Apparently, if I desired a career in psychology, I would need to check my belief system at the door and allow modern education to dictate how I would think about faith and politics.

Irrelevant & Disturbing Training

In 2020, my husband was told that because we live in California, he would need to complete a special training for his sales position. None of the salespeople in other states were required to complete the training, only Californians. A bit annoying to do extra work just because of the State we lived in, but he didn’t complain. We were curious to see what exactly California was so adamant he needed to know!

At its best the training was irrelevant to his work. At its worst, it was quite disturbing. Most of the video focused on sexual harassment in the workplace. The scenes crossed many lines of what we as a Christian couple would consider beneficial for us to set our minds on. But, he continued to take the training commenting now and then to me while I was in the kitchen about how terrible it was. Nothing could have prepared him for the crazy he was about to experience when suddenly, a man was pictured rocking a baby with a pink or blue blanket and “SURPRISE!” the blanket’s color changed indicating the child’s changing gender.

My husband took the time to contact the creators of the videos and explain how, as a Christian, they were very disturbing. The response he got was “Thank you for your feedback.” Somehow I don’t think they were sincere.

Reeducation training is real. The State of California genuinely believes they know better than the rest of the country and we, the simpletons, must bow the knee and accept whatever crazy they send down the pipeline next.

Squashing Parental Rights

Nothing has proven a more stark contrast between conservative and progressive ideology concerning children like going through foster certifications in California versus Tennessee. In California, I was shocked to learn that any child in my care (whether biological or fostered) twelve years old and up were to be given access to birth control and the opportunity to use it in our home. (Good thing we took the training during the pandemic so the woman teaching in the video didn’t see my jaw hit the floor!) The prerecorded videos out of Berkeley (shocking, I know) set a very strange tone for the class. It was clear we were to do whatever the State says is best for our children. It grieved our hearts terribly thinking of how many children would be left unprotected through the neutering of parental rights we were witnessing.

In Tennessee, I recently had the opportunity to take a course on sexual trauma called From Darkness to Light. (You can check out the course here: https://www.d2l.org/get-trained/.) Aptly named, the tone of the class compared to the one out of Berkeley was truly night and day. Concepts like “stewarding” children were both beautiful and refreshing to hear. Because our children are wonderful gifts, our most important treasures, we were told to put ourselves in uncomfortable situations to protect them, not the other way around. Very practical tips like speaking out to protect other children in the community when something just does’t seem right, talking to our kids about their personal bodily autonomy, and letting them share their stories in their own time were all very helpful. We were encouraged to never be afraid to make a report but to always report when there is reasonable suspicion of abuse. The tone that was set was consistent with one of my very favorite books, Them Before Us by Katy Faust and Stacy Manning. The idea was that we as adults, have an obligation to protect children, both children in and outside of our homes from grooming and sexual abuse. We were not told that the State will do the protecting so we should just shut up. We were reminded that it is our duty to protect children and were encouraged to do it with boldness for the good of kids and the world.

And it got me thinking… California and Tennessee see these things very differently. I’ll always have a lot to learn, but if anyone, whether it be the government or Mickey Mouse, tells me to shut up and give them my children, the learning stops and the fight begins. I know many of you feel the same. I guess California would call us crazy, but that must mean we’re doing something right.

3 Replies to “How to Certify Crazy ~ Love, CA”

  1. Please refrain from making broad generalizations about what problems are commonplace/widespread in a state of 40 million people. Your personal experiences may or may not be happening to many others. In my experience here, the sexual harassment trainings at my workplaces were not offensive. I have received no trainings on alternate gender pronouns or transgenderism; state law does not require them. Politics and politicians are never spoken about; I have never been forced to agree with anything political. I, too, went to a Cal State university. Only one prof made a veiled comment about Christianity. I chose to ignore it because I understood I was not in a Christian school.

    Recall two things your previous pastor taught you: 1) God chooses our civil leaders; even the bad ones are there by His will for His purposes, and 2) it is foolish to expect non-Christians to act like Christians.

    1. Thanks for your comment! First off, I completely agree that God chooses our civil leaders. He uses every bit of evil for good throughout all of human history. I also agree 100% that it is foolish to expect non-Christians to act like Christians. It was never my intent to proclaim otherwise! Do we know each other personally since you made mention of my previous pastor?

      The general purpose of our blog is to expose some very dangerous ideas prevalent in blue states that have been driving hundreds of thousands of families out. The specific purpose of the post you are commenting on was to share my own personal experiences. Although I’m happy to know they are not shared by all Californians, what I shared is actually quite commonplace in California, where leftism dominates many spheres from healthcare to the foster system to education… My husband is actually at a conference in San Diego and he was just sharing with me how Rachel Levine, the US Assistant Secretary for Health is discussing the importance of hospitals recognizing the dangers of climate change, rather than addressing the topic of the conference which was to focus on psychiatric care. Additionally, I was just watching a powerful documentary you may enjoy: “Whose Children Are They?” You can find it on Salem Now. Leftist propaganda destroys families, cities and I believe it has the power to destroy an entire nation, which is why we use this blog to expose leftist lies and to share true, time tested ideas that are unifying and healing to a country on the brink.

      If you have not yet read “Live Not By Lies” by Rod Dreher, you should. Our country in many ways is mirroring the totalitarianism that wreaked havoc on Soviet Russia and resulted in grotesque persecution of millions of Christians. I believe it is an important duty for Christians today to stand for truth both in our own hearts and in the public square.

      I wish you all the best there in California! I believe God has done and will continue doing amazing things there for His glory and for your good.

      Thank you again for reading along and for your comment!

    2. Hi “The Screen Door”, Erika wasn’t using broad generalizations. She was very specific about our experiences living in CA vs TN. I’m surprised you can’t relate and aren’t sadden by what she shared.

      CA law requires sexual harassment training every 2 yrs so maybe you haven’t had to sit through the new course? I recommend Dr. Carol Swain’s course over the garbage I had to sit through from the State of CA.

      Finally, you mentioned you never had to agree with anything political. Maybe that’s true, but millions of Californians had to agree to their churches & businesses being shut down. I’ll stop there just so you can see CA is different and treats her citizens poorly.

      Please be open to hearing from personal experiences like those that Erika shares. I understand you’d like her to refrain from sharing but she’s a free Tennessean and speaking truth so that’s not going to happen. Whoever you are I hope we’ve had you at our kitchen table and that we’ve had a chance to know you, especially if we don’t agree. God bless, Matt

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