The truck has been unpacked. Your home is no longer filled with boxes. You are settling into your new home and new routine. Now what? Here are my top suggestions:

Don’t Sleep on Finding a Solid Bible Believing Church

I get it, life and moving are busy and stressful, so making pancakes and sleeping in on Sunday morning may be appealing. Looking for a new church may seem daunting and overwhelming. Or you may be afraid or not know where to start. However, as believers, we know that attending church is an important part of the Christian walk and even required by God. Worshiping with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and listening to the Word of God be preached is like balm for the Christian soul. We need to be around fellow believers. And if you have just moved, chances are you need the fellowship of the saints desperately.

When we first moved to Texas, we visited quite a few churches until we found the one that felt like “home,” where we have since become members. However, at every church we attended, we were always greeted with the sweetest Christian fellowship. It was such a blessing to experience the fellowship of the saints in a new State where we knew barely anyone. If you aren’t sure where to start when looking for a theologically sound church, I suggest you check out the church search feature on the Founders Ministries website:

Keep Those Family Ties Tight

I’m sure it goes without saying, but keep investing into your marriage and discipling your children. Don’t let stress or change cause a wedge to grow between you and your spouse. Likewise, continue the important work of teaching and loving your precious children. Chances are the main reason you moved was to provide a better life for you and your family, so focus your time and energy into these relationships.

Pray that your move will cause your marriage to be stronger than ever. Pray that your move is a huge blessing in the lives of your children. My friends and I have talked about supporting your family during a move several times. Here are a few other posts to check out on this subject:

Get Involved

Politically? At your church? At your kids’ school? At the local crisis pregnancy centers? Just do it! If you are what many call “blue state refugees,” then chances are one of the reasons you moved was because of the toxic political climate or horrible policies in your home state. If so, remember that the fight is still on. As my husband has said, “We didn’t move from a non-christian state to a christian state. We moved from a non-christian state to another non-christian one.” There is no perfect state and there never will be, this side of heaven.

However, while here on earth, there is work to be done. And while everyone’s calling will look a little different, it is so important to be bold in our faith and our beliefs even though they do not align with the current cultural or political climate. Be encouraged… Pushing back and speaking truth can and does have an effect:

There are many ways to get involved and fight against the evil that is plaguing our schools and communities. Find the thing you are passionate about and do that. There are also organizations like Moms for Liberty ( that you can join and be linked with other like minded people who are also fighting. Attending political conferences is another fun way to get involved in your new State. If you want to hear about a few conferences we have attended check out these posts: and


I can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard the comment “Don’t California our Texas.” I get it. Many people have fled the deep blue state of California and relocated to the Lone Star State. It’s not surprising that many native Texans are feeling nervous these newcomers will bring with them the blue state ideas and policies from which they fled. This is our chance to prove them wrong. This is our chance to show them that we, in fact, care very much about the political policies and freedoms of our State.

It is important that we vote in order to ensure that we keep Texas (or whatever state you have recently moved to) as red as possible. Now Texas, just like most states, has some pretty large liberal cities, but that should not deter us from doing our civic duty and make voting a priority. Your voice matters. My friend in Tennessee had her first voting experience in her new State and this is how it went:

Embrace the Changes

Don’t nit-pick your new State. Is it different? Yes. Are there more bugs? Probably. Are there things you weren’t aware of before moving that may be hard to cope with? Perhaps. But focusing on any of these things will only lead to discontentment. Instead of focusing on the differences between your old State and new–Enjoy your new State! Let yourself be a tourist for a little while.

Try all the new restaurants. Find your new favorite coffee shop. Search for the best festivals and fun community events to attend. Hunt for the best park or hiking path to explore as a family. Get tickets to a museum. Just let yourself truly enjoy all the fun and exciting things that your new State has to offer.

And while you are enjoying your new State, give thanks for the opportunity that you have to live here. Remember why you moved and thank the Lord for directing your steps and safely bringing you to your new home. Changes are inevitable. Embrace these changes instead of resisting them. This will lead to far more peace and joy.

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