I know what you might be thinking… “This is a blog focused on moving. This is a place to read travel tips and the differences between living in red states and blue states. So, why are you writing about grandparents?”

Well, on April 13th at 5:30 in the evening, a caravan of cars with California license plates pulled into our court in Texas. After a 5 day road trip, my parents and two older brothers arrived in Texas ready to make it their new home. 

Their move here was not a quick decision or an easy feat. Being born and raised in California, my parents have deep and meaningful roots there. They have friends from many seasons of life. They have church friends that are close like family. Not to mention, a good portion of our extended family lives in California as well.

Moving to a new state meant saying a lot of hard goodbyes. Moving to Texas means starting over at a new church. It means finding new groups of friends to get together with. It means finding new jobs. It means starting over. We are so thankful for the sacrifices they made to move here.

So, why did they move? Why would they leave comfort and familiarity?

Expenses and Policy

Like many people leaving blue states in trade for starting a new life in a red state, they are looking forward to having a lower cost of living. They are also hopeful of benefiting from more conservative policies. My brother has already commented multiple times that the prices of things feel so much lower here. We are hopeful that although inflation is stretching the pocket book of all Americans, that living in Texas will help them be more financially at ease for the long run. We also pray that policies in this state will continue to lean more conservative. Like many others, they had grown weary of so many of the bad policies in California.

Together is Better

It was in no way necessary for my parents and brothers to move here. However, we all decided that being together was better than being separated by thousands of miles. My parents want to be an active part of watching their grandchildren grow up. They chose being here for their birthday parties and for Christmas morning over the comfort of not moving. They missed picking their grandkids up from school and taking them to the park. They missed watching them grow up. So they decided (even though moving was in no way an easy decision) that being together was better than being separated.

We are thankful for their sacrifice and are excited to make many memories together in Texas. They are on a new adventure in a new place and we are excited to be with them for it. 

Generational Importance

My parents are humble and  gracious Christians who know how much grace has been bestowed upon them. They are beyond thankful for the gift of their salvation. They want to pass that on to their grandchildren. They want to play a part in raising the next generation. They in no way want to lay back and watch the wicked clutches of the world take hold of this next generation. They see the immense importance in raising men and women who know the word of God and will be equipped to fight the fiery darts of the enemy. Children are vulnerable. As such, they are the victims of so much abuse and neglect in this world.

Those children who have parents who love the Lord are blessed and the children who also have grandparents who know the Lord are exceptionally blessed. How beautiful to see the gift of Godly generations. My parents will take my kids to church with them. They sing with them and pray with them. My dad still prays for foster children that were in our home. My mom texts my teenage daughter Bible verses for them to memorize together. Both my mom and dad are active in pointing my children to Jesus. 

Old age = new chances to love your parents well

My parents are exceptional at loving others well. My dad is the type of man who is loyal in friendships and will always find time to call you, no matter how much time has passed. He checks in on shut ins and older friends who may be lonely.

My mom, likewise, has such an incredible servant’s heart. From a young age, I have seen her example of loving on the “unpopular” ones at church or in a group. She sees a need and does her best to fill it. She would scrub the toilets of sick friends, organize the closets of overwhelmed pregnant moms, volunteer to babysit the kids of families that lacked a support system and invite her neighbors to dinner.

I say all this to tell others why I am so excited that my husband and I now get to help take care of them. We get to love them well as they are entering a new season of life in which they need a little more help. I feel so blessed and privileged that we have the opportunity to help take care of them as they enter their golden years. This is one of the very reasons we moved to Texas. We knew that being able to provide better for our family would open the doors for us to provide well for others, including grandparents.

Dose of encouragement

I am fully aware that many families will not have their family move states with them. I am also fully aware that there are many people who do not have Godly parents. Not everyone needs to move near family. There are always so many personal circumstances that dictate peoples’ lives.

I share the story of my parents not to make anyone feel frustrated or deflated, but to encourage all of us to love the people around us well. I hope to also encourage others that you can do hard things, even at an old age. Lastly, I hope to remind us that the next generation matters and that we need to be actively working to help equip them for all that lies ahead.

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